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Deep Learning and Containers - an IBM infrastructure view

PowerAI, Kubernetes and IBM Cloud Private

Date: December 10 from 16:30 to NaN:aN Central European Time

First session:
IBM PowerAI Vision live demo – power line inspection using Unmanned Aircraft Systems and deep learning.
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) can perform comprehensive transmission inspections. However, the technology still has significant room for improvement, particularly in terms of repeatability, scalability, and economic viability. PowerAI Vision live demo in the energy and utility industry - an end to end demo of a deep learning process helping data scientist to achieve faster training times. The session will include newly released PowerAI Vision features.

Second session:
Containerized workloads, the IBM view. We will give an overview of container benefits and discuss why containerized solutions are gaining popularity. We will give some outlook at Kubernetes and IBM Cloud Private platform for orchestrating the workloads.



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